21 Roberts Family Secrets

Here are 21 secrets you may not know about the Roberts family:

  1. When Lynn met Dave, he was wearing a scuba diving wet suit and carrying a spear gun.
  2. Dave is a Jacksonville native.
  3. Lynn has lived in Tallahassee, Virginia and Jacksonville.
  4. Dave used to get in trouble for taking apart all of his father’s electronics “just to see how it worked.”
  5. Lynn taught childbirth, breastfeeding & newborn care education classes and worked as a doula for over 8 years.
  6. Dave makes the best grilled hamburgers and grilled steak in the whole wide world.
  7. Our family has a genetic disorder. We have a disproportionate number of teachers per family members on both sides of our family, totaling ten teachers if you include our grandparents, parents and even our own child.  Dave’s grandfather even taught Andy Griffith when he was in high school in North Carolina and encouraged him to pursue acting because he was so good at it.  Lynn’s great, great, great (not sure how many greats) uncle, Leland Stanford, founded Stanford University.
  8. After Dave and Lynn’s first date, they both came down with bronchitis and missed work for a week. This turned out great because it gave them plenty of time to talk on the phone every day, at least between all the coughing.
  9. Dave and Lynn got married over 20 years ago.
  10. Dave and Lynn have two daughters, Rebecca and Bethany, both of whom are frequently found assisting with photo shoots.
  11. All four of us love music. Rebecca plays violin, Bethany plays piano, Lynn plays piano and Dave plays the stereo.  (He says it is illegal for him to sing.)
  12. Rebecca used to bring Lynn little bunches of wildflowers almost daily when she was in preschool.
  13. Bethany used to wave goodbye to Dave and Lynn from the front window of the house every time they left when she was in preschool.
  14. Dave used to fly sail planes out of Herlong Airport.
  15. Our idea of fun in the winter is to bundle up and go for a walk on a local trail. It’s so beautiful and much more peaceful than in the busier, warmer months.
  16. Rebecca is named after a little town in south Georgia. Lynn has fond memories of visiting her grandmother and cousins and playing outside in the little farm community of Rebecca, GA, so she and Dave named their daughter Rebecca.
  17. On Bethany’s first family vacation to Disney World, she called the monorail the “mama-rail” the whole time. No one corrected her because we thought it was cute.
  18. When Rebecca was small, we lived on a dirt road in Clay county. She often warned us to watch out for the “pot-holders” in the road.
  19. Dave broke his back in a motorcycle accident in his twenties.
  20. Lynn is addicted to “The Voice” TV show.
  21. Dave is addicted to any show with the word “star” in it (Star Trek, Stargate, etc.)